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Levaco Milestone » Levaco celebrates 25 years membership of FIATA

FIATA , in French “Fédération Internationaledes
Associations de Transitaires et Assimilés »
in English « International Federation of Freight
Forwarders Associations », was founded in
Vienna/Austria on May 31, 1926.

Coverage in 150 countries

FIATA is a non-governmental organisation, which represents today an industry covering globally approximately 40.000 forwarding and logistic firms, also known as the “Architects of transport’, employing around 8 to 10 million people in over 150 countries.

Supported by Governmental Organisations

It is recognized as representing the freight forwarding industry by many other governmental organisations, governmental authorities, private international organisations in the field of transport such as :

the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the International Air Transport, Associations (IATA), the International Union of Railways (UIC), the International, Road Transport Union (IRU), the World Customs, Organization (WCO) and the, World Trade Organisation (WTO).

FIATA is the largest global logistic organisation

In summary FIATA is the largest non-governmental organisation in the field of transportation. Its influence is worldwide. Fiata’s main objectives are:

  • to unite the freight forwarding industry worldwide
  • to represent, promote and protect the interests of the industry by participating
  • as advisors or experts in meetings of international bodies dealing with transporttation.
  • to familiarise trade and industry and the public at large with the services rendered
  • by freight forwarders through the dissemination of information, distribution of publications, etc.
  • to improve the quality of services rendered by freight forwarders by developing and promoting uniform forwarding documents, standard trading conditions, etc.
  • to assist with vocational training for freight forwarders, liability insurance problems, tools for electronic commerce including electronic date interchange (EDI) and barcode.

However, LEVACO’s 25 membership birthday is much more then this. Two of Levaco’s dedicated partners for many years are prominent board members of FIATA.

Mr. Issa Baluch - Past President of FIATA

Issa Baluch, CEO of Dubai’s Swift group has been FIATA’s president only few years ago and has been partnering with Levaco for over 10 years. Today the Swift group is the top freight logistic provider in the UAE with a network of 32 offices in 16 countries.

Mr. Baluch is also the writer of the book “Transport Logistics, Past Present and Predictions” published in 2005 by Winning Books inDubai. If any one of you has an interest in this book … they are free to contact me luc@levaco.be and I will be more then happy to assist you in this matter.

Mr. Thomas Sim - FIATA’s chairman ABVT

Also Mr. Thomas Sim of Top Ocean in Singapore is Levaco’s partner since nearly one decade. Mr. Thomas Sim is FIATA’s chairman ABVT and is highly appreciated for his many lectures carried out all over the world.

Mr. Jean-Claude Delen - Current President of FIATA

Last but not least, Belgium has a special relationship with FIATA. Belgian’s Mr. Jean-Claude Delen is the current President of FIATA while Mr. Frank Boogaerts, Director of the Antwerp Forwarders Association is one of FIATA’s Vice Presidents.

Needless to say LEVACO is proud for its recognition as 25 years member of this organisation.


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