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Levaco Milestone » Plan parentship

As from beginning of this year, we are spon- soring Hoang Hai Nhi in order to offer this young child, his family and his environment a better life and future.

Levaco has taken this initiative to support a "Plan" child from Vietnam. "Plan" is ac- tive on 4 different levels. The child, his parents and the "Plan" evaluate and de- cide which measures are most important.

- Healthcare

"Plan" is trying to prevent siseases and amnourish. Plan is educating to health centres and is giving parents advice concerning food and hygiene.

- Education

"Plan" is grying to give boys and girls the opportunity to educate by building schools, materials for school, education for adults to become teachers, invest in shool supplies, books etc...

- Safe Environment

"Plan" is trying to provide clean water by making water reservoirs, supply drinking waters and arrange hygienic controls.

- Financial independency

"Plan" also tries to teach the people to increase their income by giving training to young entrepreneurs.

We sponsor HOUNG HAI NHI, born on the 9th of June 2006 in Quang Ninh City / Vietnam. The village exists more then 200 years.


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