Our mission statement is what drives our company.
All our employees, from the bottom to the top, are staying behind our mission’s ideas and values.

Levaco is doing international forwarding and logistics.
From any place to every place. And we are serving all kind of customers : direct customers in different industries, other forwarders and agents all our the world, but also private persons who has not always experience with the complexe world of forwarding and logistics.

How do we like to serve them? In the best possible way in order to meet all their requirements, that’s our mission.



And what is our vision statement?

We want to become one of the forwarders who are serving our customers in the best possible way.

By listening to them constantly, in order to detect their needs. By using our emotional intelligence in order to understand them beter. By trying to offer them alternatives and solutions in order to solve their logistic issues.  By offering them operational excellence in order to offer them a personal service and flawless execution.

Levaco. Not the biggest but…
Fast, Friendly, Reliable, Professional…

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