A survey is an independent examination, during which a detailed inspection and verification of the cargo is carried out. Levaco can provide the arrangement of a specialized surveyors at any time of the transport. Only specialized companies are used, which are holder of all necessary licenses and certificates that confirm their qualification. The surveyors combine their longstanding experience and appropriate education with efficiency. This results in a fast and accurate documented reporting during and after completion of the survey.

Following aspects are included in the survey services:

  • Risk analysis and prevention.
  • Assessment of the extent and cause of damage.
  • Liability surveys.
  • Inspection of the cargo condition and integrity of labelling and packaging, visual inspection.
  • Recalculation of the number of packages.
  • Control the cargo weight.
  • Development of schemes for stowage and lashing of various cargoes inside the container.
  • Sealing/unsealing of containers and vehicles.
  • Quality control.
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Experienced and specialised survey services.

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