Decades of tradition

Due to its rich family history created over more than 5 decades, Levaco has developed through  experience, reliability and fidelity a personal bonding with its worldwide partners. As a result thereof, Levaco has built a unique, innovative and professional network of experts throughout the globe with trained specialists highly qualified in their field of operation.

International know how

Looking for a bonded warehouse, storage facilities, order picking in Hong Kong … distribution services in the Arabian Gulf through Dubai, Abu Dhabi … … or are you looking for an airfreight from Myanmar …  a heavy lift to inland Paraguay … a breakbulk shipment from Ouagadougou…  Levaco can offer you these  international service facilities like any other multinational and worldwide logistics company thanks to its various global partnerships.

levaco seafreight global 1
levaco seafreight global 2

Global tailormade services

Levaco will arrange all this with a smile while connecting with their overseas colleagues, partners and friends to assist any requirement you might have. The close cooperation’s with Levaco’s international business colleagues is incomparable and is tailormade to the individual criteria of their customers. The third generation is gearing up to initiate the daily management in a couple of years, travelling the world to continue building bridges between the continents and creating friendships with skilled and qualified professionals from all continents.

Overseas partnerships

Today the Levaco family is part of 5 logistic networks each having their specific strengths contributing to their intercontinental expertise and know how. With JCTrans based in China, Levaco has access to the largest economy on the planet. With Specialist Freight Networks Levaco has boarded an ISO 9001 certified network and with joining the Octopus Freight Network, forwarders of all continents are united to increase quality logistics among SME’s.

#1 Exclusive Logistic Network

Last but not least, with the membership of the Atlas Logistic Network and the ALFA Logistics Family founded in 1998, Levaco is both a members of the #1 exclusive network in the world and one of the pioneers of forwarders networking.

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