During the years, Levaco was grown into a logistics specialist. Our experience in all factors of the supply chain, gave us a very wide and deep view.

Good processes lead to real results. We can combine a process-driven approach with action, to deliver you the service you deserve. By this you save time, you can work smarter and improve your service towards your customers. Levaco knows that a well-managed supply chain can be a competitive advantage. Let us help you to grow, reduce your cost and to be innovative.

The less chains you have in your supply chain, the less risks you have in the full process. By working with Levaco, you reduce the quantity of your suppliers to a minimum. Behind the screen, we talk to all parties involved, ensuring an optimised supply chain.

As specialists, Levaco will translate your needs into a process where innovation, cost-reduction and efficiency are the key words. It is also our goal to avoid disruptions in your supply chain. Each of our customers is unique, and needs a different approach.

Worldwide Levaco can count on reliable partners, which are member of the same worldwide network as we do. This gives you the ability to have a close follow-up of your supply chain via only one channel: Levaco.

The secret of a good supply chain is not only based on efficiency, it should be the combination of efficiency + customization. To obtain this goal, Levaco will investigate your complete supply chain and will determine where it should be optimized. During this process we will guide you, and our full support will not end once the implementation is done.

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Supply chain management is a never ending story,the first page should be written as soon as possible.

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