There was a time before containerization which is not that long ago, when most goods where handled manually as breakbulk. This was a very intensive jobs, and all cargos were loaded and unloaded manually. The past decades, breakbulk became a smaller part of the shipment business, but nevertheless it is still a very important part!

As Levaco was founded 50 years ago, we knew the time when breakbulk was the most important (and only) part of the shipping business. Today, we still have specialised staff with a strong background in breakbulk cargo.


These days breakbulk shipments mostly concern cargo which simply does not fit into a container, and which will need a special approach on import- and export side. Breakbulk shipments are more complicated as they need special transport, sometimes permits and large cranes.. Our team is aware of all implications and will give you a single point of contact while arranging everything for you.

Although a lot of breakbulk shipping lines disappeared the last decades, there is still a high standard and modern fleet which can carry your cargo around the world. Levaco is in contact with shipping lines which can handle heavy lifts and extraordinary dimensions on breakbulk vessels or multi-purpose vessels.

Levaco can not only help you with the shipment, but we can support you with any project from start to end. Breakbulk has no secrets to us as we handled projects before, sharing our expertise and our market knowledge to our clients. For breakbulk we can step in from the earliest planning stage, giving you the opportunity to have a cost calculation before any decision needs to be made.

Our office is located in Antwerp,
which is the main breakbulk port in Europe.
Our import- and export team is fully at your service
whenever you need us!

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