Consolidation is a specialized chapter within the container business. Not all shipments needs a full container. Whenever you have a ( trial ) shipment which cannot fill a complete container, consolidation is the answer.

Consolidation protects you from higher warehouse rents and from customers that need to wait untill they can complete a full container. Risk of damange is minimized and economically it’s also attractive; you pay only for the space you use.

levaco seafreight consolidation

Antwerp – where the office of Levaco is situated –
is a main-hub for European consolidation.
Worldwide we work with the best agents that can support us
with warehouses, trucking and consolidation.

Once the LCL import container arrives in Antwerp, it will be unloaded at a consolidation warehouse where we can pick-up the cargo with a consolidation truck and deliver the cargo to your client.

Import customs clearance will be fulfilled upon arrival, no time will be wasted.
Levaco has contracts with the best trucking companies and is able to give you the fastest service.

Also for export Antwerp is the best located place to consolidate the cargo into containers. Whenever your export shipments need consolidation, we will look around on the market and offer you the best possible solution.

Our partners can pick up your export cargo and deliver the next day at the consoldidation warehouse.
This way of working gives you the opportunity to optimise the space usage in your warehouse.

For all consolidation shipments
we promise you a cost-effective and fast service.
We can help you from door to door!

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