When you move cargo between an origin and destination, without entering the country where the shipper is registered, we talk about cross-trade.

Due to the membership of professional networks (Atlas, Alfa, GFC, JCT), Levaco is your privileged partner for your worldwide cross-trades. We are well positioned to efficiently manage all your cross-trade requirements.

Together with our local agents, we can control your business the same way as we would do in our own country. You can talk to your Levaco contact person, which will take care of the contact with the overseas partners.

Levaco will help you to find the most economical solution, assisting you with local haulage, customs formalities, documentation and all other tasks to be done to move the cargo.


We are ready to offer you the same service as we can give you for shipments in Antwerp:

  • Trucking : pick-up or delivery of your cargo.
  • Negotiate and book with the carriers.
  • Offer you warehousing, stripping and/or stuffing.
  • Cargo insurance.
  • VGM Weighing.
  • Fumigation
  • Customs clearance.