The purpose of a Customs Administration is to control the flow of the goods going in and out of a country.
Control can focus on security, taxation or other matters.

If goods arrive into the EU, they are subject to similar controls and subject to import duties, VAT and other taxes. For companies outside of Belgium, we can offer the service of ‘ Limited Fiscal Representation’ (LFR)

Limited fiscal representation allows goods to be imported into the EU without paying import the VAT immediately.This offers a significant liquidity advantage. Limited fiscal representation can be used when goods are imported into one EU member state, having been sold to a company in another EU member state.

For example, a US company sells goods to a German company and ships them to the harbor of Rotterdam. Or a US company sells goods to a French company and ships to goods to Antwerp.


The goods can be cleared by us at the EU’s external border.
All import duties and other import obligations are fulfilled when the import declaration is made.

By using the system of Limited fiscal representation, the import VAT does not have to be paid on the import declaration but afterwards ( deferred payment )
After the import formalities have been completed, the goods are in free European circulation and can be transported to their destination.

The ports of Antwerp and Zeebrugge are logical places through which to bring goods into the European Union.