For urgent deliveries, airfreight is the only correct answer. Also for shipments that require a very particular approach, the choice for airfreight is a good choice.
Whenever you decide to sent out cargo via airfreight, we at Levaco know that this shipment is urgent for you and we put all our knowledge at your disposal in order to find the best solution for your budget, respecting your deadline.

Due to our excellent and ongoing contacts with the most reliable partners, you can rely on us for the best service/quality.

airfreight direct shipments
levaco airfreight direct shipments

Direct shipments need immediate action. No time to waste as from the moment you contact us to start arranging your airfreight. We will listen to you, to know the requirements and your needs.

Levaco can offer you a direct service to many destinations, and will book with the airline which offers you the service that fits with your needs.

  • Arranging pick-up and door deliveries when requested.
  • Issuance of the Airwaybill as per your requirements.
  • Arranging the screening of the cargo.
  • Customs formalities.

Thanks to our global network of agents, we have a reliable partner at nearly every airport, and we are able to offer you a quick customs clearance and delivery at destination.

As always, working with Levaco means you only need 1 partner.
We will handle your direct shipment with care,
and inform you of every step of the process.

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