When moving abroad, air freight can give you a cost effective solution to move your removals over large distances. Not only it saves a lot of time compared to sea freight, removals also have less risk to be damaged when sending them via airfreight.

Whenever you need to import or export your removals, Levaco can assist you from beginning to end.

We can offer the full package if required, but Levaco is also prepared to handle part of the transport. Working with premier class airlines, a service can be offered to worldwide international airports. Our local partners can arrange the customs clearance and delivery.

Although smaller packages can be sent individually, it may be necessary to over-crate them to have them airlifted. This will avoid damages, and will reduce the costs as the handling will be easier.

airfreight removals

No matter which size your package has,
Levaco can take care of your removals.
While we take care of your removals, you can focus on your relocation!

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