The freight division of Emirates, Skycargo reported to have carried 2.6 million tonnes across all continents including fruit and vegetables, space satellites, pharmaceuticals and domestic pets.

More than 73.000 tonnes of cargo where pharmaceutical products. Thanks to their 270 aircraft fleet, Skycargo was able to secure the transport of critical medicines to the places where they were needed most.

Emirates introduced these pharma flight  corridors across the world carefully only for selected destinations, and thanks to working with ground handling partners and stakeholders, the initiative guaranteed a uniform high standardization for temperature and sensitive pharmaceuticals from place of origin to final destination.

Other impressive figures contains the carrying of more than 1.100 tonnes of perishables, 7.900 domestic cats and dogs, 1.140 cars, the first satellite built by engineers in the UAE and 19 flights to transport 500 horses from Liege, Belgium to Greenville-Spartanburg, USA for the FEI World Equestrian Games Tyron 2018. In total 1.800 horses travelled the world with Skycargo during 2018.