Danish global leading container line Maersk announced they will be targetting a carbon neutrality by 2030 by employing zero emission vessels. This would finally lead to a full neutral emission towards 2050 through the application of biofuels.

Since 2007 Maersk has been succesfull in reducing their carbon footpring with 46% which is 9% ahead of the industry average. Maersk declared the industry needs to search for solutions in developping new types of ocean vessels to be used from 2050 onwards.

Maersk COO, Søren Toft stated that only possible way to achieve the so-much-needed  decarbonisation in the industry was by fully transforming to new carbon-neutral fuels and supply chains. The next five years will be crucial and Maersk will invest significant resources for innovation and fleet technology to improve the technical and financial viability of decarbonised solutions, he continued.