This year MSC will be realizing the largest container fleet growth of all global carriers. While Maersk received already three new built last week, their order book is nearly closed for the remaining of 2019.

According to figures published by maritime analysts Alphaliner, Maersk is worldwide leader today with 716 container vessels having a total capacity of 4.1 milliion TEU while MSC is ranked second with only 525 ships and a capacity of  3.3 million TEU.

Maersk recently stated they have no current plans to order new built ships this year although unconfirmed rumours have indicated the Danish operator has invited ship yards to offer for a number of smaller tonnages with capacities of 1.900 TEU.

Newly introduced vessel capacity

MSC will grow with 334K new slots in 2019 according to calculations of Alphaliner. This is the highest in the shipping industry. It is expected that eight new record vessels, from a total of eleven, will be delivered this year having a capacity of 23.000 TEU each. Furthermore MSC is chartering five more vessels from British owner Zodiac Maritime with capacities of 14.300 TEU.

The Suisse container carrier has moreover seven ships pending with Jinhai ship yard offering capacities varying between 10.700 and 11.500 TEU. Originally their delivery was scheduled for 2018, but in compliance with a request of MSC, the delivery has been delayed for this year only.

Renovation present MSC capacity

According to Alphaliner more MSC growth can be expected due to the enlargement of a number of 14.000 TEU vessels reaching 17.000 TEU after renovation.

Beside Geneva’s MSC both Cosco Shipping and Evergreen will be accepting a number of new built vessels during 2019. The Chinese operator has seen delivery of the “Cosco Shipping Pisces” with 19.273 TEU early this year operating under the NEU3/AEU7 Ocean Alliance.

Five more megamax ships with capacities of 19.273 TEU till 21.237 TEU will be delivered during 2019 together with four more 13.800 TEU vessels.

One & Yang Ming

Evergreen,  Taiwanese #1 carrier, will be receiving 6 ships with 20.388 TEU capacities for their CEM service between the Far East and Norther Europe together with four smaller tonnages of 2.910 TEU for their Intra Asian services.

Both CMA-CGM and Hapag-Lloyd have not scheduled any new vessels for the current year. Only Japanese ONE and Yang Ming will welcome new tonnage.