Rotterdam and Hamburg discussing about launching identical sheen shipping ruling

In a revolutionary move to clean up the industry two of Europe’s largest port cities could start issuing identical green shipping regulations so as not to harm economic competition, and they are seeking other European ports to sign up to the new initiative.

Local politicians in Rotterdam and Hamburg have met and are seeking an application to ensure that both port authorities agree on the same climate protection measures. Other European port cities will be invited to join the initiative with Hamburg set to host a conference on the issue next month.

Rotterdam and Hamburg seeking to set common ecological development standards

The move still needs approval from local governments. Anjes Tjarks, leader of the Green Party in Hamburg, commented: “We want to finally make the ships in our port cleaner, but we must create a level playing field.”

Dirk Kienscherf, who heads the local SPD party in Hamburg who co-sponsored the move with the Green Party, said on Friday: “The common goal is clear: we want to be the engine for a good economic and ecological development of European ports.”

It is about time that governments of main port-cities use their leverage over ports to resolve main concerns for their citizens, such as emissions from ships – and other issues